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Competition Categories


16. The Roaring Nightlife: Throw a party 1920s style – whether it’s a glamorous private event or a fun night out at the local dance hall, jazz club, or speakeasy.

17. Scene from a Silent Movie: Stage a moment in the style of silent films – full of drama, excitement, and larger-than-life expression

18. Innovation on the Rise: The 1920s ushered in so many of the mass-market communication, transportation, and lifestyle conveniences we take for granted today. Highlight one of them in a scene.

Fashion / Doll

19. The Star: Celebrities came into their own in the 1920s. Create a starlet who’s ready for her solo in the spotlight using only black and gold as your palette

20. The New Woman: She votes, she works, she makes her way on her own. Design an original 1920s daytime look for a woman on the move.

21. The Society Dame: Elegance, manners, and a designer dress never go out of style. Offer us your version of the queen of 1920s high society.

22. Mr. Gatsby: Give us your best billionaire.


23. Fashion Magazine Cover: Design a 1920s magazine cover that features the Barbie® doll as that month’s cover girl. Use a mixed media approach. Size is not to exceed 11” × 14”. Please bring your own frame or easel, without glass.

24. My It Girl: Take a glamour photo of your favorite doll in your collection in Black & White or Sepia tone. Size is not to exceed 8”× 10”. Please bring your own frame or easel, without glass.


25. Set the Scene: Create a piece of furniture that could be featured in a 1920s scene. Size should not exceed two square feet.