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Roaring Into the ‘20s Soiree      Wednesday, July 6th

Welcome Reception

Silent Auction
Live Auction Artist Meet

You’re here! Take the leap with us into a little Gatsby-style magic as you step back in time to the 1920s and into our Wednesday evening reception. You’ll get the chance to kick up your heels and maybe part with a few clams as you enjoy the silent auction, benefitting Sarah’s Circle.


You’ll also have the chance to peek at the live auction donations, which will be offered up at the Friday evening event, and chat with the talented artists who created them.


If you’re a table host, tonight is your night to relax. Leave all the entertaining to us.


And of course, since it’s a party, all of you should feel free to show off some ’20s style with pinstripes, or show off your gams in your best flapper dress. Feathers, headbands, boaters, too – anything goes!


The Original It Girl Luncheon     Thursday, July 7th

Luncheon and Mattel Event

She’s charismatic, interesting, and gorgeous. She’s fascinating, fearless, and famous. Everybody wants to know her or be her. We know you know who we’re talking about. Join us as we celebrate with Mattel our Original It Girl, the Barbie® doll.


It Girls arrived on the scene for the first time in the 1920s, beguiling the public with their style and energy. The world fell at their feet, waiting to learn what each would say or do next. Our own It Girl, the Barbie® doll, has captured our attention for more than 60 years. No matter what she does, she does it with the spirit of the moment, and all our eyes are still upon her.


Hosts and hostesses are sure to impress at this event.


Want to be noticed too? Dress for it, darlings. Give us your best It Girl impression, whether it be of Clara Bow, Twiggy, Zendaya, or some other bright, young thing. You gents should get in on the attention too. Charles Lindbergh and F. Scott, or even Harry Styles, come to mind.


And if the spotlight isn’t for you, that’s perfectly alright. A little summer white is always a lovely choice for an afternoon spent among the beautiful people.

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Stars of Stage and Screen Gala      Friday, July 8th

Barbie® Best Friend Award

Live Auction

From the booming white lights of Broadway to the inaugural Academy Awards ceremony, the stage and screen moved to the center of the world’s imagination in the 1920s. People fell in love with storytelling all over again as films suddenly had voices and grand musical revues dazzled. The actors and actresses of the time were just as grand and glamorous, and they walked the very first red carpet in 1922.


Tonight, you’ll have the chance to help the Chicago HOPES for Kids organization as you marvel and bid on the intricate works our one-of-a-kind artists have created. You’ll also hear from Carol Spencer, a treasured Mattel designer, who honors the individuals who ensure our collecting community thrives.


Hosts and hostesses will help roll out our very own red carpet.


So get ready to wear your cocktail attire, and don’t be surprised if your photo lands on the gossip sheets the next morning. And remember: Pearls are always a good choice. But nothing beats
a good sparkle.

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A Night to Build a Dream on Ball      Saturday, July 9th

Awards and Doll Presentation

After the Great War, the possibilities seemed endless, with innovation and creativity all around. Celebrate the rise of jazz, modern dance, rapid transport, mass communication, and all the many other exciting cultural hallmarks of the Roaring ’20s. The world is at our feet and the moon shines above, inviting each one of us to reach for the stars.

Hosts and hostesses, this is your final chance to fawn over all the delightful guys and gals in your charge.

We encourage you to let your glamorous sides shine one final time tonight. Dress in black and gold, and get ready to fulfill your destiny...

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