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Exhibition Categories


1.  NRFB or MIB Barbie® Doll 1959–1966

2.  NRFB or MIB Family and Friends dolls 1959–1966

3.  NRFB or MIP Fashion 1959–1966

4.  Any Mattel doll dressed in a vintage fashion, both from 1959–1966

Mod Barbie® Doll

5. NRFB or MIB Mod Barbie® doll 1967 – 1975

6. NRFB or MIB Family and Friends dolls 1967 – 1975

Superstar Barbie® Doll

7.   NRFB or MIB Barbie® doll 1976–1990

8.  NRFB or MIP Fashion 1976–1990

9.  Any Mattel doll dressed in a Superstar Barbie® doll fashion, both from 1976–1990

10.  Foreign Issue: NRFB, MIB or Loose – any Superstar Barbie® doll 1976–1990


11.  Rarities: Show us your rarest doll from 1990 to today—platinum, small and international Convention dolls, table host dolls, etc.

12.  One of a Kind: Any artist-created doll from 1990 to today

All Eras

13.  My Favorite Doll: Share the doll that started it all for you, or the one you can’t resist looking at every day. NRFB, unboxed – anything goes!

14.  Licensed Products: Any licensed product from any era

15.  Furniture: NRFB, MIB, or Loose—any furniture set from any era. Loose entries must

include at least three pieces.