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Here we will showcase marvelous vintage dolls, behold amazing contemporary dolls, observe the innovative creations from our fellow conventioneers, and even  celebrate some of the notable anniversaries the Barbie® doll circle is celebrating this year.


Competition gives you an opportunity to display your treasures and works of art. As part of the fun, experienced Judges will evaluate each entry and award ribbons as appropriate. The key to succeeding in competition is to ensure your entry fits the category.


Features in this year's Competition Room include:


  • A security guard that will be on duty when the entries are placed in the competition room, throughout the viewing hours, and until the end of scheduled picked up.

  • Our Volunteers will also help watch, as well as guide you through, the exhibits.

  • The conventioneers get to vote and choose a People's Choice Award in the Vintage, Mix and Match and Creative Categories. We encourage all conventioneers to stop by, see all the entries and cast your vote.


During competition viewing: No purses, totes, or bags of any kind will be allowed in the competition room. We recommend you leave your things in your room or take turns with a trusted friend while you are viewing the competition room.

Please consider participating in competition whether you are a veteran or are ready to takethe plunge to enter the first time.

We are looking forward to a record number of entries and hope everyone will take the opportunity to join us in the fun.  Go to to enter.

Competition Chairs Sara Lukic and Jewel Tieben are available to answer any questions you may have. Please email them at Please consider participating in competition whether you are a veteran or are ready to take the plunge to enter the first time.  Go to to enter competition.

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