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The Ruth Cronk Exhibition & Competition


We hope you’ll join in sharing the most beloved parts of your collection and creating new works of art as participants in The Ruth Cronk Exhibition & Competition.


This year, we offer categories that allow you to showcase the gorgeous rarities and precious favorites in your collection. As part of this exhibition, you’ll be eligible to win People’s Choice and Chairperson’s awards for The Bee’s Knees – the most fabulous entries in the display.


In our creative categories, you will compete for individual category ribbons as well as additional People’s Choice and Chairperson’s awards for creative entries. Judges will review each entry for creativity and execution.

In both events, we’ll offer the chance for special awards to first-time entrants, so if you’re new to Convention or you’re a seasoned veteran who has never considered entering before, please make 2022 your year! The more entries, the more exciting and visually stunning this event is. So we encourage all of you to add to the fun. Rest assured: All entries will be overseen by security from the time items are placed in the display, through viewing hours, to the time they are picked up

at the end of the Exhibition & Competition schedule. Additionally, no purses or tote bags will be permitted inside the display room. We recommend you leave any bag in your hotel room or with a trusted friend prior to intending to view the entries.


Rules for Competition and Exhibition Entry

Exhibition Categories

Competition Categories

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Exhibition & Competition Chair, Deb Paris Wildenhain at

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