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The Cat’s Meow Fashion Show

Friday, July 8

Picture it: A spotlight, a runway, you. The crowd going wild, your gorgeous outfit swirling around you as you prowl across the stage. There’s energy in the air, music bouncing around the room, and joy in your heart. And it’s so much fun it’s almost criminal.


This is the year, friends, to embrace one of the biggest, happiest spectacles at Convention. The Cat’s Meow Fashion Show is your chance to let loose and join the crowd of fellow Conventioneers-Turned-Fashion Models who entertain and amaze us every year with their homages to the fabulous looks of the Barbie® doll world.


The show is about fashion from any era, not just the ‘20s. All outfits must replicate an actual Mattel Barbie® doll, friend, or family fashion. No outfits will be duplicated, though, so we encourage you to complete the fashion show form as soon as you can. Please do not begin work on your outfit until you receive confirmation of your participation. All fashion show submissions must be received by May 28, 2022.


Bring your cameras and get ready for a show. This is one event not to be missed!

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