The Tampa Bay Pink Pirates Fashion Doll Club, in conjunction with The National Collectors Convention Steering Committee, welcomes you to celebrate with us A Pop Art Happening! And we will do it Barbie® doll style!

The world was changing in the late 1950s and a new culture imported from England moved into the US through-out the 1960s and 1970s. It was a time when pop(ular) culture was infiltrating our fashion, our music, and our art, a Mod(ern) era that celebrated pop music and youth culture personified by Elvis and the Beatles. Pop Art was the art of popular culture; it was brash, young, fun and a contradiction to the artistic establishment. It included different styles from various countries, but what they all had in common was an interest in mass-media, mass-production and mass-culture.

Barbie® doll had always been a fan of the arts as seen with her couture fashions like Modern Art, Music Center Matinee, and Outdoor Art Show. In the mid to later 1960s, as the world culture was being influenced by the young and rebellious artists of the Pop Art movement, Barbie® doll was in the midst of change. With a more free moving attitude and carefree look, she traveled with her Mondrian cases and wore fashions in bright flashy colors and prints with names like Stripes are Happening, Now Wow, Yellow Mellow, and Pajama Pow.

We invite you to celebrate with Barbie® doll’s new look that she and her friends embraced during the 1960s and early 1970s. We hope you become inspired as we take a journey through the world of famous and influential pop artists and art styles that helped our favorite doll twist and turn into a bright new future.

2016 Convention Co-Chairs
Stephanie Azmoudeh
Debbie Spoerndle


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