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We know you’ll find plenty of ways to fit in around these parts.
But surely, knowing a little of the lingo would help. Here’s a 1920s glossary to help you get with the times.

Ankle to walk

Applesauce nonsense

Bearcat spirited, strong woman

Berries the best

Bee's knees also the best

Bluenose prude or a killjoy

Cancelled stamp shy, lonely person

Cash kiss, a smooch

Cheaters glasses or bifocals

Clams a dollar; see also kale, mazuma, and voot

Dewdropper unemployed person who sleeps all day

“Don’t take any wooden nickels!”   

“Don’t do anything dumb!”

Ducky very good

Egg man; "he's a funny egg"

Fire extinguisher  a chaperone

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Gams legs; also pins, stilts, & getaway sticks

Gasper cigarette

Giggle water a phrase for alcohol

“Go chase yourself!” “Get out of here!”

Handcuff an engagement or wedding ring; also known as a manacle

Hayburner car that guzzles gas, or a losing horse

Hotsy totsy perfect

“I have to go see a man about a dog”

to go buy a drink

Icy mitt amorous rejection, as in: “He got the icy mitt”

Iron one's shoelaces a way to excuse oneself to the restroom

Jake okay, fine; " everything's jake" Kale money


Know your onions to know what's going on, staying up-to-date with the latest news

“Let's blouse” “we're out of here”

Manacle a wedding ring

Mrs. Grundy a straight-laced person

Noodle juice tea

Oliver Twist talented dancer

On a toot inebriated

Petting pantry a movie theater/cinema

Phonus balonus a way to say, "That's nonsense!"

“Rhatz!” "How disappointing!"

Rub dance party


Sinker a doughnut

Sockdolager an event or action of great importance

“Tell It to Sweeney!” “I don’t believe you!”

Upstage snobby, arrogant


Voot money

Zozzled inebriated

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