Psychedelic Lounge


First Timers Orientation and Welcome with Sheree Martin Whittemore

For those attending convention for the first time or for a veteran who wants a refresher, this program will help you get the most out of your Convention experience. Our presenter, Sheree Martin Whittemore, is a BFC member moderator and a long-time convention attendee. In this fun program, Sheree will guide you on what to expect, give you tips, and answer your questions.

Explore Pop Art Through MOD Coloring Books! Program & Coloring Contest with Krissa Brown

Coloring inside the lines may be frowned on in art class, but many budding artists started out tracing their crayons around Barbie® doll’s world. Come to this program to see a large collection of vintage Barbie® Doll coloring books. After a short presentation there will be a timed coloring sheet contest! Prizes will be awarded at the Psychedelic Lounge at about 10:30pm on Thursday, July 28. Bring out your inner Warhol and come color with Krissa, Barbie® doll, and the gang!

Art Of Film - The Stop-Motion Animated Barbie® Doll Movies of Bob Young

Pop(ular) art has many faces including film. Warhol made ground-breaking films of everyday people, places and things. In the eighties, long time collector and convention pioneer, Bob Young, made stop-motion movies starring Barbie® doll and her friends. Come see some of his films and learn about this amazing process.

Francie® Doll Turns 50! With Joe Blitman

How clever of Francie® doll to have her Golden Anniversary the same year as a mod-themed convention. Clever is also one of the many words for her varied and vast wardrobe. From Francie® doll's dynamic debut in 1966 as Barbie® doll’s MOD-ern cousin, thru 1975 (and beyond, with repros and Silkstone™ re-imaginings), she has evolved into a perennial collector favorite. Come explore the colorful history of Francie® in this program by the author of "Francie™ and Her Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion"

Fashion Doll Collecting from the Male Perspective with Matthew Kennedy

Male collectors often feel uncomfortable or even marginalized. For example, some retailers segregate their stores into "boys' toys" and "girls' toys" areas. Kennedy says “I started collecting secretly in 1980. Since then I've met several other male collectors with similar collecting stories.” In this program, he will explore the past and present of male doll collecting.

Matthew currently runs the Fashion Doll Collectors' Club for Men on Facebook (700+ members), and was selected by Mattel for their Collectors Advisory Panel in 2012. He also belongs to two doll collecting clubs: Beach Cities and Valley of the Dolls.

Barbie® POP! With Jennifer Mirc and Deborah Neal

Barbie® doll meets art and she goes POP! Join our Pop Art journey from the UK to the USA from the beginnings in the 1950s to today with the artists that made it all a happen. All roads lead to a celebration of the queen of pop, Barbie® doll. She is pop culture’s ultimate icon, a reflection of the past, the present, and the future attitudes that are seen in art, media, and fashion! We’ll look, listen, and learn about pop versus mod genres and show how Barbie® doll was always in the forefront of fashion and cultural trends throughout the Swinging Sixties and the Seventies Mod Era. Our Barbie® doll girl not only continues to keep her manicured finger tips on the pulse of pop art and culture throughout the decades—she owns it!

The Art of Doll Blogging and Photography with Rebecca Berry

Ever wonder about how to start a blog? What is involved? Where do the ideas come from? What's legal to share? Or how about all those stunning photos you've seen on dolls blogs! Rebecca Berry, owner of blog Inside the Fashion Doll Studio, is ready to answer all those questions and more. Rebecca will also share a wide variety of her doll photography from over the years.

Tips and Tricks with Mary Ann Daughdrill

Did you ever wonder how our fantastic doll artists get their doll’s hair so perfect or how they manage to display their dolls to be seemingly floating in thin air? And just how do you shrink that doll magazine to Barbie® doll scale? Get the answers to these and other pressing questions as MAD reveals those little secrets she has picked up over years of doll collecting, starting with using her specially constructed stands in ways you never knew about. While MAD will share some cool tips we know many of you have lots more tricks so come prepared to share at this interactive program.

Be ready to take notes, ask questions and, most importantly, share with the group. You will receive some printed hand outs at the end of the program.

DJ & Karaoke Late Night

Don't miss the fun at our fab night spot-The Psychedelic Lounge! Be in the groove as your inner flower child, rock ‘n roller, or Beatlemaniac takes the stage where you're the star! Or hang loose with a beverage (cash bar available) and take it all in. Our DJ/karaoke host will have a wide variety of song styles to choose from and will spin some dance tracks in between to keep the party flowing. So warm up those vocal chords, put your dancing shoes on, and come on down to The Psychedelic Lounge!

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