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Raffle Tickets

We promise: You’re going to find some gorgeous and unique items in the Raffle Room. And you’re going to want to win them. So why not save yourself some time and purchase pre-printed raffle tickets before you arrive?


Raffle tickets go on sale on January 8, 2022. And of course, we’re continuing the time-honored tradition of offering BONUS tickets to our earliest birds who place preorders of tickets. If you place your raffle ticket order in the 2022 Online Store by April 9, 2022, you will receive bonus tickets according to the amounts below.


Pre-purchased raffle tickets can be picked up during the Raffle Room drop-off times or any time the Raffle Room is open. Photo ID will be required for pickup.


All preorder tickets must be purchased by May 7, 2022, to have your name printed on them. If you do miss the deadline, you will still be able to buy tickets onsite.

Amount of Purchase - By April 9, 2022 - By May 7, 2022

$100                      225 tickets             200 tickets

 $75                       140 tickets             125 tickets

 $50                          85 tickets              75 tickets

 $20                          30 tickets               25 tickets

 $10                          12 tickets               10 tickets

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