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Rules for Exhibition & Competition Entry

  1. All items require pre-registration.

  2. Entries received by May 21, 2022, are discounted to $8.00. Entries received from May 22 through our

    final date of June 4, 2022, cost $10.00. Entries can be made in the 2022 Online Store.

  3. Conventioneers may enter as many categories as they like.

  4. Individuals, groups, or clubs may enter diorama categories. If a collaborative entry wins a ribbon/award,

    only one ribbon will be awarded for the entry.

  5. Single dolls in creative categories may not include a backdrop. The doll and the accessories/props that

    the doll is holding are the only exceptions.

  6. Diorama dimensions should not exceed 24” wide × 24” deep. There is no height restriction.

  7. Creative entries must be entirely the work of the Conventioneer(s) who enters them with the exception

    of props used in dioramas and displays. All dolls used in the creative categories must be originally

    manufactured by Mattel.

  8. All dolls must have sturdy stands and may not have extraneous accessories, unless the doll or outfit was

    accompanied by the said accessory or the category calls for multiple pieces.

  9. To ensure security, all dolls, accessories, and props must be entered and removed by the pre-registered

    entrants only. Signatures will be required for drop-off and pickup.

  10. Placement of entries is solely at the discretion of the Exhibition & Competition Chair and her committee

    members. We request that entrants ensure their dolls/accessories are appropriately secured and positioned. Entries will not be handled once the entrant places them, but the Exhibition & Competition Chair may reposition entries if necessary. Please ensure that your entry is stable and secure.

  11. The Convention Committee reserves the right to photograph and display photographs of exhibition & competition areas and entries. Award winners will be announced at one of the meal functions.

  12. No refund of entry fees will be given if an entrant cancels, withdraws, or does not exhibit an entry.

  13. The Convention Committee reserves the right to refuse entries.

  14. Please submit your entry form early and prior to the due date. We want to ensure a smooth event for

    all participants and volunteers.