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Stardust Sales Room

There might be no more delightful moment in a Conventioneer’s experience than seeing the sales room for the very first time. And returning Conventioneers often feel that buzz too. It is simply one of the most exciting parts of the entire week.


Dealers, collectors, and artists all come together in a place where you can find a little (or a lot) of everything – from vintage to today’s releases, unique creations for dolls and collectors,

and much more.


We encourage everyone to consider getting a sales table. Whether you are a long-time dealer, blossoming artist, or collector looking to refine your current collection, the Stardust Sales Room presents a unique opportunity to display your merchandise to the largest annual gathering of Barbie® doll collectors in the country. You’ll get the chance to sell to a broader audience as well via our Saturday Public Day.


Sales room contracts and fee payment are available at the 2022 Online Store starting January 8, 2022. Please contact our Salesroom chair, Tony Varuolo, at with questions.



The Charleston Souvenir Salon


Exclusive souvenirs available only to 2022 Conventioneers are another highly anticipated part of the Convention experience. This year, watch your email in the coming month for the Charleston Souvenir Salon Catalogue, which will kick off the preorders you can place for some gorgeous mementos of A Decade of Destiny, with both you and your collection in mind. All preorders will occur via the 2022 Online Store.


Stay tuned for more information coming very soon – we have a number of surprises to come!

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