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We know many of you enjoy taking photos of your dolls.

Wouldn't it be great to see your photos on the screen during a meal

event or maybe even featured in the souvenir book?


At the convention, we would love to share some of your seasonal doll 

photos with Barbie® Doll and her friends and family.


Interested in submitting some photos?


Please complete this online form to accept the terms and conditions listed below:


Once you have submitted your form. you will be provided with an email so you can submit your high quality images in jpeg format.


Please remember to only include Mattel branded dolls in your photos. The

deadline to submit your photos is June 1. 2023.


Terms & Conditions


In submitting a photo you agree to the following terms and conditions:

You took the photo(s) you are submitting and you are the copyright owner.

You authorize the photos(s) to be used for the benefit of the convention.

Any questions? Please contact us at

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