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The fabulous fun we enjoy every year at Convention depends on the kindness and generosity of our collecting community. Sponsors contribute greatly to each and every Conventioneer’s experience. Please take the time to consider these special opportunities to help bring the 2022 Convention to life, along with the many exclusive benefits that becoming a sponsor brings.

We’d especially like to thank the following individuals
who have already made significant commitments to sponsor this year’s Convention.

Marl Davidson
Leslie Bote
Rebecca Berry & Hilda Westervelt

Diane Elliott
Hilda Graulau
Maria Sox
Jim Ward

Ric Markin

Cheryl Burnett

Joe Blitman

Joni Holland
Lorena Sullivan

Cynthia Wilson

Rocky Schmidt

Nik Moronese

Cheryl Marcinkowska

Lori Birkeneder

Janie LaQue

Mary Tetley

Julia Bush

Leslie Greenberg

Raise a glass with us to all who have donated to Conventions past and present, and join us in a warm welcome to our potential new sponsors!

2022 Sponsorships by Level
Sponsorship Benefits by Level
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Gold Foil Gatsby Style Party Elements (41).png