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Table Hosting

For the Convention’s main meal functions, Conventioneers sit with the same group of people at assigned tables. This arrangement allows for individuals to get to know one another on a more personal level throughout the Convention, and it provides a smooth, consistent experience for everyone as we gather for the fun.

Table hosts are asked to welcome and entertain their tablemates graciously at the meal events and to perform Convention-related duties as directed. Hosting a table can be a fun and rewarding part of Convention. It is completely voluntary and frequently sought after by a large number of Conventioneers. But only one person per table can be acknowledged as the official host.

Hosting Responsibilities

  • Work to make everyone at the table feel comfortable; engage the group in conversation, and ensure each person has what’s needed throughout the meal.

  • Arrive early to meal events to prepare the table before other Conventioneers arrive; collect and place or distribute Convention gifts as directed.

  • Listen carefully to instructions given during early entry to each event.

  • Attend the Table Host meeting early in the week (please watch the schedule for it if you are selected).

  • Return Convention gifts to the Convention Committee after an event, should Conventioneers not

    attend or extras were inadvertently received.


Once selected, table hosts may notify the Table Host Chair who will sit at their table in advance of the Convention using the Table Host Guest List form. This presents the opportunity for tablemates to get to know each other in advance or to arrange for groups of friends to sit together.

Selection Process

Hosting assignments are made based on availability. You may submit hosting forms beginning February 5, 2022. The form is free to submit as an ‘order’ in our 2022 Online Store, in the section marked Table Hosting. Because we often receive more offers to host than there are spots, we encourage potential hosts to wait to be confirmed before solidifying plans with others. Choosing to move forward on confirming tablemates or working on any gifts before you receive official notice that you are a host are risks for which you take sole responsibility.

For questions about Table Hosting, please contact our Table Host Chair,

Stormy Williams, at










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