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Table hosting is a big part of making the convention fun for everyone. The table host makes people feel welcome at their table, introduces attendees to each other, encourages fun conversation and tries to enhance the convention experience for each person at their table. Their thoughtfulness, friendliness and sense of fun contribute to making the convention a wonderful time to be remembered by attendees; many who just may turn out to be lifelong friends!


We are looking for fun, outgoing, and positive volunteers who have attended convention previously and are willing to serve as table hosts. For each of the three table hosted meal events you will be seated at a table of ten, including yourself. You will be assigned a table number and will sit at that same table with the same group of conventioneers for each of these events. All table hosts are required to arrive early at every meal function to assist the convention planners with table and gift preparations. Table hosts will also be required to attend a table host meeting on Wednesday at 12:15 pm and, if necessary, at 9:30 pm.


Hosts must ensure that all of their assigned conventioneers are in attendance at each function when convention gifts are given. If a conventioneer (or conventioneers) is not present or if there are any extra gifts at your table they must be returned to theTable Host Chair immediately following the function.


Let's Talk about TABLE GIFTS. If a table host or a table guest should decide to give gifts to their tablemates, it is entirely each individual's choice. While for some it has become a customary practice it is in no way mandatory!  We only ask you refrain from interfering with the table setting from the hotel and the centerpieces at each table.


At every meal function, the convention planners have created wonderful gifts for each conventioneer. Those gifts from the convention are the only ones anyone should "expect". Please do not let "table gifting" affect your decision to become a table host!

There will be a private group created just for table hosts via Facebook. The Host Chairs will monitor the group and get you added to it. This will be used to pass on any important information from the convention group, and for you to get to knowyour fellow table hosts, ask questions, give answers, and share experiences. Please note on the application form whether or not you have a Facebook account so the Host Chairs will know to get any important info to you by email if you do not.


There is one host per table throughout the convention. If you choose to have a "co-host", only one person will be acknowledged as the official host.


You may opt to sign up for your table and tablemates in advance of the convention.This option presents the opportunity for tablemates to get to know each other in advance. Individuals may choose to wait until arrival to the convention beforesigning up for a table. Either way, you'll have a great time!


Thank you for considering this exciting and important role at the 2023 Convention.

Table Host Sign-Up will be online at

beginning February 4th, 2023 at 11 AM Central.


Questions? E-mail your Table Host Chairs Damarys Mercado and Susan Stewart at

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