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A very important role at each convention seated event is the dedicated person who volunteers to serve as a table host. At each of three “seated” meal functions (My Funny Valentine Luncheon, Jingle Bells Dinner, and New Year's Eve in Nashville Dinner) you will be seated at tables of ten. You will stay at that same table number with the same group of conventioneers throughout the convention. The principal role of the table host is to create a friendly environment for all, to introduce tablemates, encourage conversation, and help with any special needs. The host is frequently a primary contact for the convention, and it is often his/her thoughtfulness, friendliness and sense of camaraderie that make convention memorable to attendees. As a table host you will be expected to attend a brief table host meeting on Wednesday.

We encourage people who are friendly, outgoing and positive to consider acting as a table host. As a table host, you are required to arrive early at every meal function to assist the convention planners with table and gift preparations. Hosts are also responsible for the distribution of convention gifts, and as such, must ensure that all of their conventioneer tablemates are in attendance at each function in order for them to receive the gifts. If any conventioneer is not present at a function, or if there are any extra convention gifts at your table, it is the host’s responsibility to return extra gifts to the Host Chair or Gift Distribution Chair at the end of each function.

You may opt to sign up for your table and tablemates in advance of the convention. This option presents the opportunity for tablemates to get to know each other in advance. Individuals may choose to wait until you arrive and sign up for a table then. Either way, you’ll have a great time.

A word (or two) about TABLE GIFTS. You’re going to hear a lot about this topic. First, you should know that at every meal function, the convention planners have created wonderful gifts for each conventioneer. Those gifts from the convention are the only ones anyone should “expect”. If a table host, or a table guest should decide to give gifts to their tablemates, that’s entirely each individual’s choice.

The 2014 Convention organizers are aware that a lot of time and energy is often spent on table gifts, and we want you to know that this creativity and generosity is welcome! Please feel free to present any table gifts in any manner you wish (including displaying them on the table). We only ask that you refrain from interfering with the table settings by the hotel in order to allow efficient food service and be sure that the integrity and view of the convention centerpiece is not affected.

Since gifts for tablemates are strictly at your discretion, please do not let this affect your decision to become a table host. Again, the real duties of the host are to make everyone comfortable and
happy at convention.

Only one person per table is considered the official Convention Host. Should you decide to ask another person or persons at your table to share your duties, only the officially designated person will be acknowledged as the Host by convention.

Thank you for considering this important role at the 2014 Convention.

To serve as a Table Host, please use the Table Host Sign Up Form.  Assignment of table hosting is on a first-come, first-served basis, and we may receive more offers to host than there are spots. In recent years, table hosting has become quite popular, and not everyone who is will-ing to serve may be selected as a host. Because of that, you may wish to refrain from confirming
table guests or working on any host gifts until you have been confirmed as a host.  Once you are confirmed as a host, you will be sent a link to join a Yahoo Table Host group. Here you will be able to chat with other table hosts, share ideas, ask questions, and you may find some conventioneers looking for seats from fellow hosts.

Once you are confirmed as a host, please use the Table Host Guest List Form to sign up conventioneers at your table. It is important that you have the correct spelling of each conventioneer's name and their registration number filled in on the spaces below when you turn in this form. If we do not receive this information, we cannot guarantee you will be seated with whom you want.

For any questions email your Table Host Chairs, Lisa and Tony Varuolo at LVaruolo@aol.com

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