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Finding a Table

If you don’t know anyone who has been selected as a table host, don’t fret! Any individual may choose to receive a table assignment onsite at Registration. In the months before Convention begins, you may also see some hosts posting in our Facebook group online about open seats
at their tables. You could also post about looking to meet and sit with collectors who share your interests.

Table Gifts

At each meal event, the Convention Committee has some wonderful gifts and surprises planned for every Conventioneer. Some Conventioneers also partake in a tradition of giving gifts to their tablemates at each meal event as well. These ‘table gifts’ are entirely optional and driven by individual choice. They are by no means mandatory or expected of every Conventioneer.

Should you elect to present your tablemates with gifts, we ask only that you refrain from interfering with the table settings placed by the hotel and the centerpieces at each table.

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