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Tips for Making the Most of Your Experience

Visit Registration First Thing

Once you’ve settled at the hotel, consider checking in at Registration soon after. Watch social media for exact time and locations, or ask for this information from the Front Desk as you are checking in. You’ll need your photo ID at Registration, where you’ll receive your Convention name badge and your Official 2022 Convention Registration Package, which always has some wonderful goodies to enjoy. This is also the time to confirm that you have a table assignment or ask to be placed at a table.

Dress to Your Enjoyment

All the main events have been crafted around the theme of celebrating the innovation and allure of the Roaring ‘20s. With that in mind, we encourage you to soak up the details of each event and plan your wardrobe accordingly. We’ve offered ideas in the meal descriptions for those of you who are ‘all in’ and some lighter options for those of you who want to be more casual. Either way, it’s always delightful to see the many ways Conventioneers personally represent the Convention theme.

Embrace the Schedule Your Way

There are many types of experiences offered throughout the Convention. You can focus on a few fun things or aim to do it all. Take it at your own pace, but remember that many of the activities, such as placing entries into Exhibition & Competition or participating in the workshops, require you to sign up well before arriving at Convention.

Many ‘unofficial’ events spring up around Convention as well; social media is helpful in understanding those opportunities from dealers, artists, and clubs. First timers should also consider the special session designed just for them; it’s a great chance to meet other new Conventioneers and learn the ropes from experienced attendees.

Take Up the Hunt: Room Sales

Room selling is not an official Convention activity, but it is a tradition deeply loved by many. Dealers, artists, and sellers of all sorts open their rooms for you to visit, check out their items for sale, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from hunting for doll treasures from floor to floor. Room shopping begins a few days prior to Convention and ends late Wednesday evening of Convention.

Although we notify the hotel about those wishing to room sell and they attempt to group them together, please realize that room sales may happen all across the hotel. Bulletin boards will be available near the elevators for sellers to post notices, and our Convention mobile app will also feature room sellers’ info. And if we can offer one cardinal rule for you: Buy it when you see it!

Life moves fast during room shopping.

Preorder Souvenirs for the Best Selection

Convention souvenirs are available exclusively for Conventioneers at our event and nowhere else. You’ll find items for you, for gifts, and for your Barbie® doll. Bear in mind that not all items will be available onsite, and the items we will have will be limited. They often go quickly, so preordering saves you time and heartache! – not to mention dollars in the form of preorder discounts. Souvenirs will begin to appear for preorder in the Online Store starting in January, so stay tuned for more information!

Shop Your Heart Out

The Stardust Sales Room will, quite simply, take your breath away and put a smile on your face. Get there early for the best selection; come back late for potential deals. You can find dolls from every era, artist-designed dolls, gifts, furniture, accessories, jewelry for you and your doll – the list

goes on and on.


You’ll meet folks from around the country (if not the world), see parts of Convention from an entirely new angle, and help the community make this event happen. Volunteering is such a terrific way to participate in a variety of Convention events, we encourage all to sign up.

Fly Your Flag

If this is your first time at Convention, you might feel a little overwhelmed. That’s natural, and also something even long-time Conventioneers sometimes feel. Here’s the good news: This is your moment to embrace your hobby like never before. Wear your Barbie® doll attire, walk around with your favorite doll, and take it all in however you wish.

Please Be Kind

Convention is put on entirely by volunteers. Every single person involved has dedicated tremendous time and energy to making this event a truly wonderful experience for all. This is not a commercial enterprise designed to turn a profit. Should you need help, have a problem, or experience some frustration with a Convention-related issue: Please remember that we love this hobby, are doing our best, and are working hard to meet your expectations as our guests.

You are welcome here!

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