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Every attendee will find a Detective Checklist tucked in with their Registration Badge. 

When you see a visual clue for a Suspect, Furnishing or Room, simply check it off on your Detective Checklist. Visual clues will appear across the Hotel venue starting right when you check in to the Hotel, and ending Friday evening. You can also take Case Notes to share with your friends! If you locate all the visual clues and check them off, only ONE Suspect, ONE Furnishing and ONE Room will remain unchecked. 


Now you are ready to make your final assertion! Was it Alani (Suspect) who hid the blueprint? Did she hide it behind the Chair (Furnishing), in the Entryway (Room)? Each Conventioneer will submit their final assertions during the Friday Parade of Homes Tour Dinner. One correct final assertion from EACH table has a chance to win the Grand Detective Prize; awarded during the Saturday Open House Dinner!


Below is an example on how to use the Detective Checklist. To continue our mystery, you will find two more clues revealed right here on this website!


You can print the Detective Checklist at this link until you receive a permanent Detective Checklist at Registration.

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