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Room Sales is not an official Convention activity, but it is a tradition that many Conventioneers enjoy. Dealers, artists, and sellers open their rooms for you to visit, check out their items for sale, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from hunting for doll treasures from floor to floor. We will attempt to group the majority of people selling from their rooms on several floors as a convenience for shoppers as well as other guests of the Hotel. Check the bulletin boards on floors to see who is selling where.

We are establishing the following 2024 Convention requirements for Room Sales participants in accordance with the Hotel, so please read carefully if you are planning to sell items from your room:


  1. CONFIRM: First, you will need to confirm that you would like to participate in Room Sales by emailing our PR Chair Pamela Miletello prior to May 15, 2024 at This is your confirmation that you will be room selling, plus if you need to make changes to participate, or decide not to participate later. Include “Room Sales” in your subject line plus the following information in the body of the email:

  • Your full name and Registration #.

  • The full name of the person the Hotel reservation is under.

  • The check in date.

  1. ROOM SALES DOOR TAG: Each registered Conventioneer confirming they will be participating in Room Sales will receive one Room Sales Door Tag during Registration. This tag is displayed on your private room door handle, signaling that you are open for business! Tags will display your name and room number and are non-transferrable. Tag distribution will begin on-sitestarting Saturday July 27, 2024, in case you wish to start selling earlier than the first Registration on Monday evening. You do not need to be previously pre-checked in at Registration to pick up your tag, but you must be checked into the Hotel and provide your room number, and also be confirmed as participating in Room Sales (as outlined in step 1). If you have not confirmed, you may still sign up and receive a tag at Registration. Please refer to the early Room Sales Door Tag on-site location/pickup times and Registration times on the Schedule.

  2. HOURS: Room shopping will be open before the Convention beginning Saturday July 27, 2024 and ending early Thursday morning August 1, 2024 at 2:00am PST.

  3. FLYERS /ADS: We will have bulletin board space available for Room Sales flyers/ads on guest floors. Please do not post flyers/ads on walls or elevators. Posting anything in other Hotel locations may result in removal and/or damage charges to the individual who placed the sign. The flyers/ads placed on bulletin boards cannot exceed 5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm in size (half letter paper size). Please be respectful of other Room Sellers and design your ads to the correct size. When placing your ad on the bulletin board(s), do not cover another seller’s ad on the board. Any ads that exceed the dimension requirements above will be removed. 

  4. SETTING UP: The Hotel will not provide any on-site tables, table linen/covers or chairs for rent or use in private rooms. PLAN AHEAD: If you require tables, table linen/covers or chairs for your Room Sales setup, you will need to bring them with you to Convention, or acquire from an outside source. Please do not contact the Hotel, as they will not be providing this type of service or rental to any guest in a private room. On-site tables, table linen/covers and chairs will only be provided in the Sales Room. Please see page 39 for more information about the Sales Room.

  5. PROMOTIONS: Everyone is welcome to share their Room Sales information and pictures of their items on the 2024 Convention Facebook Group starting on July 20, 2024. Room Sales posts before this date will not be approved. Room Sales posts will be published with the comment section turned off and must follow these two guidelines or they will not be approved:

  • Do not offer any item(s) for pre-sale.

  • Do not list prices for any item(s) you are posting.

  • Please be aware that all Room Sales (sneak peaks) posts will be checked against these criteria, as will captions on attached photos.

Questions? Please contact our PR Chair Pamela Miletello, at

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