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For the Convention’s main meal functions, Conventioneers sit with the same group of 10 people at assigned tables. Table Hosts are a big part of making a Barbie® Convention fun for everyone. He or she makes people feel welcome at their table, introduces attendees to each other, encourages fun Barbie® conversation at the table and tries to enhance the Convention experience for each person at their table. Their thoughtfulness, friendliness and sense of fun contribute to making the Convention fondly remembered by attendees. We are looking for outgoing Conventioneers who are willing to serve as Table Hosts. 


Requirements For Table Hosts:

  • Once selected, Table Hosts have the option to fill their table with guests in advance of the Convention. Adding guests to your table in advance presents the opportunity for tablemates to get to know each other or to arrange for groups of friends to sit together.

  • All selected Table Hosts are required to submit the Table Host Guest Form by May 26, 2024.

  • All Table Hosts are required to arrive early at every meal function before other Conventioneers arrive; collect and place or distribute Convention Gifts as directed, and assist with centerpieces and other setup duties if needed.

  • Listen carefully to instructions given during early entry to each event.

  • Attend the mandatory Table Host meeting TUESDAY JULY, 30, 2024 from 7pm – 9pm.

  • Host must also ensure that all of their assigned Conventioneers are in attendance at each function where gifts are given in order to be eligible to receive those gifts. If a Conventioneer (or Conventioneers) is not present, or if there are any extra gifts that were inadvertently received, they must be returned to the Table Host Chairs immediately following the function. 

  • There is one Host per table throughout the Convention. If you choose to have a "co-Host", only one person will be acknowledged as the Official Table Host.  

  • Although not required, many Table Hosts and table guests enjoy bringing small gifts to give to their fellow table friends. Gifts for table members are strictly at your discretion; please do not let this affect your decision to become a Table Host. The 2024 planners have a lot of surprises in store for the Friday night dinner event. Therefore, Table Host and/or their guests cannot place table dolls or non-Convention Gifts on the top of tables on FRIDAY night only. We want to ensure a seamless experience for you and your guests!


Selection Process: Please read the requirements above carefully before signing up! Signing up to Table Host is your acknowledgement of the requirements. Hosting assignments are made based on availability. You may submit Hosting forms beginning January 7, 2024 at 12:00pm CST. The form is free to submit as an ‘order’ in the Online Store at in the section marked “Table Hosts”. Because we often receive more offers to host than there are spots, we encourage potential Hosts to wait to be confirmed before solidifying plans with others. Choosing to move forward on confirming tablemates or working on any gifts before you receive official notice that you are a Host are risks for which you take sole responsibility. 


Questions about Table Hosting? Please contact our Table Host Chairs Justin and Gene Sharp, at

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