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Founded by Lisa Koppelman-Elliott in 1997, the “Wisconsin meets Barbie® and Ken®” club started with a search for like-minded individuals and collectors in the Milwaukee area. Lisa began placing postcards with her information in doll stores, and soon, collectors in the area began to call and a club was formed. Meetings began every month with members taking turns hosting at each other’s homes for dinners, and to share their individual doll collections. 


With a new name the following year, the “Wisconsin Solo-ettes” soon established annual traditions. The club’s biggest celebration, around Christmas time, includes an overnight stay at a hotel with a meeting, dinner, charity raffle, secret Santa, games and the presentation of a club fashion for Barbie® doll. 


The Wisconsin Solo-ettes have been instrumental in forming a five-year partnership with the 2012-2016 Ken®vention, with members hosting workshops in their homes for dressing (and boxing) all of the souvenir dolls and souvenir fashions. 


The Wisconsin Solo-ettes club is excited to celebrate our 20-year anniversary as a member of the NCCSC (since 2004), as well as Barbie® doll’s 65th Anniversary. Our members are all certainly proud to host the 2024 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention! 

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