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DOWNLOAD THE YAPP APP  A special Yapp app will be available to 2024 Conventioneers to use. Here you will find schedules, announcements and other items to keep you organized.


SALES ROOM  The Sales Room will have an incredible collection of items from the top dealers from around the world, amazing doll artists and individual collectors thinning their own collections. You may just find exactly what you have been looking for all year long, so save your pennies! The Sales Room will open Thursday and Friday to Conventioneers only and will open to the public on Saturday. To be a dealer in the largest all-Barbie® doll Sales Room send in your Sales Room contract and reserve your table(s). Refer to the Sales Room page for more details. 


NEW! PRIZE ROOM  Our Prize Room will feature an extravaganza of dolls, outfits, accessories, gift baskets and unique items. Every registered conventioneer will receive one FREE Prize Room Ticket at Registration to participate in the Prize Room drawing! (Look for your free Prize Room Ticket tucked into your Registration badge). Join the fun early! Special Pins that include free Prize Room Tickets are available for preorder. Free preorder Prize Room Tickets come with your name and Registration # pre-printed for you. See the Prize Room page for more details, including our “Early Bird” special pricing. 


FIRST TIMERS PROGRAM  Don’t miss it! If you’ve never attended a Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention, plan on attending the First Timers Program. We will fill you in on the ins and outs of Convention. It’s a great place to meet friends you will keep for a lifetime. You can learn more about it and other scheduled Programs here


TABLE GIFTS  At each meal event, the Convention Committee has some wonderful gifts and surprises planned for every Conventioneer. Some Conventioneers also partake in a tradition of giving gifts to their tablemates at each meal event as well. These ‘table gifts’ are entirely optional and driven by individual choice. They are by no means mandatory or expected of every Conventioneer. Should you elect to present your tablemates with gifts, we are requiring Table Host and/or their guests to not place table dolls or non-Convention Gifts on the top of tables on FRIDAY night, and that you refrain from interfering with the table settings placed by the Hotel and the centerpieces at each table.


ROOM SALES / SHOPPING / SIGNS  Room shopping will be open beginning Saturday morning before the Convention and ending on Thursday morning August 1, 2024 at 2:00am PST. We will attempt to group the majority of people selling from their rooms on several floors as a convenience for shoppers as well as other guests of the Hotel. Check the bulletin boards on the sales floors to see who is selling where. Each registered Conventioneer that has confirmed they will be participating in Room Sales will receive one Room Sales Door Tag during Registration. This tag is displayed on your private Hotel room door handle, signaling that you are open for business! See the Room Sales page on how to participate and to reserve your Sales Door Tag prior to May 15, 2024. Room Sales advertising will be allowed starting July 20, 2024 on the 2024 Convention Facebook group. Please see posting etiquette and other policies concerning Room Sales in accordance with the Hotel on the Room Sales page.


BE KIND  Our Volunteer / Chair teams are 100% Volunteers. We have worked VERY hard to make this Convention an enjoyable experience for you because, like you, we love our hobby. Our Volunteers are from many doll clubs and from the local charities who are involved with the Convention. Rest assured that we will do our best to meet your needs as our guests. We hope that you enjoy yourself to the max and will take a moment to express your appreciation to any of our Volunteers. It will make their day! Better yet, sign up to become a Volunteer! Sign-up details are on the Volunteers page.

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