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Suspicion in the Sapphire Room - Luncheon

Barbie® Sapphire 65th Anniversary Celebration!

Barbie® doll’s search for the missing blueprints continues the next day. She is attending the Ladies’ Society Luncheon, which is being held in the trendy Sapphire Room downtown. Meet our Suspects and help Barbie® doll determine who is friend or foe? Then, watch the room come to life as Mattel presents the Barbie® Sapphire 65thAnniversary Celebration!



Thursday Sapphire Luncheon.jpg

Our color theme continues today for the Barbie® Sapphire 65th Anniversary Celebration!


The “ladies who lunch” is a phrase often used to describe well-off, well-dressed women who meet for social luncheons at exclusive clubs or restaurants, usually during the working week. Ladies arrive in tailored form-fitting “cover suits” often made from rayon and acetate with tweedy texture. With three pieces, the most important silhouette is the jacket’s “focal point” collar! A matching side-zipper pencil skirt, cotton pettipoint blouse and gloves complete the look.


To impress important business clients, the gentleman’s new “continental look”, features one- to three-button coats with narrower lapels and neckties; accessorized with tie tacks and matching cufflinks.


And yes, everyone still wore…a HAT!

*Dress for the theme suggestion: Come dressed in your favorite BLUE color 1964-inspired suit, similar Barbie® or Ken® fashion suit, a member of the restaurant staff, or something unique in your favorite shade.

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