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Desert Sunset – Opening Reception - Silent Auction


As the fiery sun sets in the desert sky, the final touches are being completed on DREAMHOUSE™ Drive. Barbie® doll has personally designed every detail for her new home from trim and paint colors to furnishings. 

But where are the blueprints?



Sunsets in the desert are special, and one of the “must” experiences that you should have on your travel bucket list.


Deep, darker colors were the rage in 1964 and they especially covered the spectrum of red! Wine, brick, cherry, ruby, sangria and scarlet were just a few of the deep, darker shades of red from which to choose.


With the introduction of new processes using cotton textiles, combed and sheer woven cotton made way for the versatile “everyday” dress that ladies could count on for easy good looks for any occasion! With a smooth fitting bodice, a billowing gathered skirt, and its own bouffant petticoat, embroidered details, and matching self-belt, it is femininity personified!


Gentlemen enjoyed a more casual fashion ensemble reserved for weekends and time away from the office. “Wash 'n Wear” oxford cotton shirts with fine line plaid or colorful foulard patterns, paired with “wrinkle-resistant” smooth, combed cotton, narrow slacks (and a coordinating cardigan sweater on hand).

*Dress for the theme suggestion: Come dressed in your favorite RED color 1964-era everyday or leisure wear fashion, or a similar Barbie® or Ken® fashion.

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