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The Exotic


Status: Junior Fashion Model at Teen Time magazine

Secret: After being discovered on the Big Island, she signed an exclusive contract, (after taking a few years off her age) 

Quirks: Can never find what she is looking for in her purse; taps her fingernails when thinking

Essential Wardrobe: “Dresses that provide easy good looks for any occasion.”

Most Noted for Her: Beauty

Quote: “Eat clean to stay fit; have a burger to stay sane.”

Amber heel.jpg


The Femme Fatale

Status:  Owner of Tiki Ko-Ko-No-Ko Lounge, the place to be seen in Palm Springs

Secret: Her mixed drink ingredients

Quirks: Smart; tricky; almost perfect

Essential Wardrobe: “I prefer something form-fitting for tight situations.”

Most Noted for Her: Widowmaker cocktail; prenups

Quote: “Was the drink recipe for seduction one shot charm and two shots self-deception, shaken, not stirred?”

Celeste heel.jpg




Status:  Homemaker

Secret: Claims someone else’s recipe as her own; sometimes uses a microwave oven

Quirks: Gossipy; a perfectionist who overplans; claims she grows all of her own food

Essential Wardrobe“A perfectly pressed dress and pearls, of course.”

Most Noted for Her: Second-hand information and aspic salads

Quote“A busybody's work is never done.”




Ginger heel.jpg

Status: Senior at Palm Springs High School, Babysitter

Secret: She has a crush on opposing team quarterback Ash Coleman

Quirks: Lovesick; giggles frequently; takes in stray animals

Essential Wardrobe: “Really anything that is feminine, lovely and completely opposite of my gym uniform!”

Most Noted for Her: Pie-baking disaster in Home Economics; gorgeous ginger hair

Quote: “Home Ec is hard!”


The Motion Picture Actress

Jade heel.jpg

Status: Motion Picture Actress; recently starred in the box office flop “Gorgon of Guangzhou”

Secret: Her studio contract wasn’t renewed

Quirks: Expects unquestioning loyalty; superstitious; chain smoker

Essential Wardrobe: “An evening gown, diamond jewelry and a cigarette holder dahhling.”

Most Noted for Her: Glamorous wigs and age-defying mascara

Quote: “I think the most important thing a woman can have - next to talent, of course, - is her hairdresser.”


The Career Girl

Jey heel.jpg

Status: Airline Stewardess

Secret: She had more snacks stowed, but didn’t feel like serving them

Quirks: Vivacious; good-humored; believes in aliens and UFOs, but all too human when it comes to a handsome rogue; obsessed with the latest in pop culture

Essential Wardrobe“The latest fashion fad…and always pack a bikini!”

Most Noted for Her: Pool parties

Quote: “Jet-setter, go-getter, nothing better!”


The Matriarch

Olive heel.jpg

Status: (In this order) Mother, Ladies’ Society Vice President, Wife

Secret: Her eldest son Rusty dropped out of college to “find” himself

Quirks: Staunch principles; holds a high regard for her home and possessions; gets suspicious when anyone enters her kitchen

Essential Wardrobe: “Elegant with imported fabrics only.”

Most Noted for Her: Table settings

Quote: “I am the cook, the hostess, and the keeper of all the mysterious secrets for how to do just about everything.”


The First Lady of Theater

Pearl heel.jpg

Status: Legendary Musical Theatre Actress, currently between shows

Secret: Her understudy ingenue is inwardly scheming to take her next role

Quirks: Uses a lot of hand gestures when talking; must have the last word; worried this is the last “star-studded” year of Broadway musicals

Essential Wardrobe: “My collection of designer award show gowns.”

Most Noted for Her: Numerous Tony nominations

Quote: “I’ll go out the way I came in.”

Robin heel.jpg


The Fashion Editor

Status: The Desert Sun Fashion Editor  

Secret: Really wants to write about politics; raised the hemline ½” on two skirts

Quirks: Hides things in the Men’s department before a big sale; afraid of escalators

Essential Wardrobe: “Truthfully, on my salary it’s off the rack. But I can turn a $2 dress into a $200 look!”

Most Noted for Her: Advocacy; shoe collection

Quote: “Keep your standards high, just like your heels.”

Rose heel.jpg


The Fading Beauty

Status:  Miss Texas 1944, recently divorced

Secret: She added 10 extra points to her score during the bridge club tournament

Quirks: Calculated; thorny; talks to her plants

Essential Wardrobe: “Evening gowns worthy of a crowning moment.”

Most Noted for Her: Tabloid headlines about her divorce from Western TV star Tanner Skye

Quote: “Do not be tempted by Texas roses. Their beauty fades, but their thorns are forever."

Ruby heel.jpg




Status: Lead singer of the “Solo-ettes”, now appearing at Tiki Ko-Ko-No-Ko Lounge 

Secret: On the cusp of immense fame and fortune…going solo means leaving her successful musical trio behind

Quirks: Insists on face-to-face conversations only (no phone calls); drinks a lot of coffee

Essential Wardrobe“A Day-to-Night look.”

Most Noted for Her: Soulful voice; jewelry collection

Quote“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream.”




Violet heel.jpg

Status: Heiress, Ladies’ Society President

Secret: In love with handsome fortune hunter Forest Field, despite the objection of her father 

Quirks: Quiet, shy and unassuming; trusts people too often; leaves notes in library books for future readers

Essential Wardrobe: “Fitted, expertly tailored and appropriately accessorized.”

Most Noted for Her: Pending inheritance

Quote: “You’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy.”

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